Friday, 15 January 2016

Ashton Cobb - Is it Important to be Versatile in Football?

Versatile players may attract more attention from professional teams. Ashton Cobb is a versatile football player. He played strong safety for the University of Kentucky Wildcats, and for the Boston Brawlers. He can take on any defensive position and is able to play free safety and linebacker as well. Versatility is important in football because it helps a player fill in for several roles, and helps a player understand the difficulties that his teammates may face.

Ashton Cobb
Ashton Cobb

A player who is versatile, is generally a player who can take on any position in either defensive plays or offensive plays. Football is a full contact sport and players are often injured. These skilled multi-position players are valuable because if one of their teammates is injured, they are able to fill in for that player. Coaches and managers are, in some cases, more attracted to players who can fill several different roles.

Versatility is also important because these players have a better understanding of the challenges their teammates face. Every football player has a full understanding of the game and the purpose of each position. However, if a team member only ever plays as a linebacker, then that team member may not fully understand the thought process of a cornerback and the challenges that player faces.
Players who can take on multiple roles are also in great physical shape. Ashton Cobb can play in several different positions and trains his body according to the requirements of each of those positions. He is a National Football League free agent and a talented player.

Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Ashton Cobb - Set an Example for the Children Around You

Children look to the adults around them for mentorship. Ashton Cobb is active in his church and wants to set an example for the children around them. He believes that mentoring and guiding children is the most important thing any adult could do. He has a daughter himself, and hopes to set a stellar example for her, and to show her that she can reach any dream as long as she works hard.

Ashton Cobb
Ashton Cobb

A great way to set an example for the children around you is to take the time to interact with them. If you want children to look up to you, then learn about those children and take an interest in their lives. Whether they are related to you, or members of your church, if you know a child, show them that you care about their interests and issues. This will help them trust you, and begin to look at you as a mentor.

Another great way to help the children around you is to volunteer for youth camps. If you are a great basketball player, volunteer for the local youth leagues. If you were a girl scout, or a boy scout as a child, volunteer with these programs. If you are a fantastic football player, then volunteer to coach and help out during the summer football camps. This is a great way to mentor the youth and to set an example for them to live by.

Ashton Cobb volunteers for local youth football camps. He strives to be someone that the children at his church can look up to, and dreams of opening his own youth football camps.