Sunday, 17 July 2016

Big Blue Fans Respected Ashton Cobb

In the 2007 season of Ashton Cobb’s collegiate football career at the University of Kentucky, Cobb was second among University of Kentucky defensive backs with 42 tackles in the season. Cobb started in two games, and opened at free safety versus LSU, starting at strong safety versus Florida. Cobb set a career high with seven tackles against LSU, matching this with seven tackles at Vanderbilt. Cobb made his first career interception against Eastern Kentucky.
Ashton Cobb

Ashton Cobb excelled at the safety position at the University of Kentucky in Lexington in the United States. Cobb played both strong and free safety positions during his time with UK. Cobb was named Mr. Kentucky, which lauded Cobb as, pound for pound, the strongest man on the UK team. Cobb ran the 40 in 4.51, gaining stats of over 100 tackles, 3 interceptions, 3 forced fumbles and 2 fumble recoveries with one for a touchdown.

As a member of the football squad of University of Kentucky, Ashton Cobb was popular and respected with fans of the Big Blue, who universally regarded him as extremely talented and skilled at the Safety defensive position. “#2–He is a quality player,” opined one blog fan. Cobb delivered steadily positive performance game after game at UK, executing with increasing skill and certainty the decisive passing blocks and aborted rushing games of opponents from his strong Safety defensive position. In 2009, Cobb was a decisive force in the Wildcats miraculous after halftime comeback to upset LSU as the Wildcats triumphed in the Liberty Bowl.

Monday, 11 July 2016

High School Accolades of Ashton Cobb

Ashton Cobb grew up 6th in a large family of 11 siblings in Aliquippa, Pennsylvania, where his father raised his children in the precepts of his profession as a minister. Cobb had a close family and learned the value of the competitive spirit growing up with so many. Cobb also benefited from his close relationship with his father, as both enjoyed working out and often went together to the gym. Cobb enjoyed a healthy small town upbringing, playing sports with his friends and siblings and praying at his father’s church on Sundays. As the years flew by for Cobb, his physical attributes became obvious. Topping out at 6’1” and 215lbs. during his college years, Cobb was destined to play the most physical of competitive sports, football.

Ashton Cobb Ashton Cobb became a four-year letterman and a first team all-state football safety, so named by The Associated Press, at Center High School in Monaca, Pennsylvania. Cobb started for three years at the strong safety position and was a two-year starter at fullback, as well as playing intermittently as a punter. Cobb received honorable mention for all-state status as a high school sophomore, as well as achieving four-year letterman status in track and field events including the 100-meter dash, the relay, shot put and javelin throw, achieving third in state in shot put as a junior and a senior. Cobb was a member of the football club’s 1200 Club in weightlifting, with top lifts of 370 pounds in bench press and 465 in squats.


Monday, 4 July 2016

Ashton Cobb Navigates Complexities of Free Agency

Ashton Cobb, currently an NFL free agent, is the perfect strong safety. Physical, with great feet and quickness and exceptional speed, Cobb stops the run with tackling athleticism at his command. With today’s passing game enjoying extreme popularity, Cobb covers receivers with alacrity. Strong safeties are relied upon to move quickly all over the field, able to make plays on both the run and the pass.

Ashton Cobb is excited about the prospect of playing in the National Football League of the United States, and as a free agent, is a player of professional sports who has eligibility to sign and play with any football club or franchise. Free agents are not under contract to any specific team, or, the term free agent may also be applied to players who are under contract but who are allowed to search for offers from other football teams. In some cases, free agents like Ashton Cobb may be limited as to their signing options by league rules.

Unrestricted free agents may entertain offers to play from any and all other teams and to make their own contractual decisions. Unrestricted free agents may sign with any club up until and including the first scheduled day of NFL training camp in July. After that, the unrestricted free agent’s rights revert to his prior club if it has made him an offer of 110 percent of last year’s salary by June 1. His old club may resign him up until the Tuesday after the 10th week of the season. If he is not resigned, he must sit out that season. If the player was not offered a contract by June 1, he can be signed anywhere at any time throughout the season. Unrestricted free agents are players who have completed four or more seasons and have an expired contract.

Ashton Cobb
Ashton Cobb is a free agent in the National Football League of the United States, and maintains a rigorous training schedule of 5 or more hours a day. Cobb remains at his peak athletic skills, reiterating his desire to play at strong safety, free safety, linebacker and even a defensive back position as a professional player. To date, Cobb has excelled as a strong safety on the defensive squad for the University of Kentucky at Lexington in the United States, and his daily workout regimen reinforces his skills at that position, while he also trains as a free safety, linebacker and defensive back. The position of safety relies on a complex understanding of the game and its offensive plays, the running game, the passing game, and the various skills of those who play on the opposing offensive line. As such, safeties like Cobb use their game acumen as well as smarts and game instincts.

Sunday, 26 June 2016

Ashton Cobb Joins Fighting Tradition of University of Kentucky Football

The University of Kentucky of Ashton Cobb has a long history of outstanding football teams.  Such a one was the NCAA co-champions of 1951, who defeated the #1 Oklahoma Sooners in the Sugar Bowl to take the 1950 National Football Championship.  This was during what is known as the Bear Bryant era, when Paul Bryant was head football coach at the University of Kentucky for eight seasons.  The Wildcats under Bryant’s direction won the 1947 Great Lakes Bowl, the 1951 Sugar Bowl and the 1952 Cotton Bowl Classic.   The Wildcats were #11 in 1949, #7 in 1950, #15 in 1951, #20 in 1952 and #16 in 1953. 

Ashton Cobb

  The University of Kentucky Wildcats football team defeated Penn State in 1977 at Penn State, ending the season ranked at #6.  The team which would later recruit and scholarship promising young Safety Ashton Cobb won the Peach Bowl in 1976, ending the season at #18, before finishing the 1977 season 10-1 and remaining undefeated in SEC play.  Coach Jerry Claiborne took the Wildcats to the 1983 Hall of Fame Bowl, and in 1984 the team returned to the Bowl, defeating Wisconsin with a season finish of 9-3 and earning a #19 rank for the season. The Wildcats returned to the Peach Bowl in 1993 under Coach Bill Curry, but would not post its next win over a top 10 team until 2007 when UK defeated #9 Louisville under Coach Rich Brooks.  2006 for the future Wildcats of Ashton Cobb was an exciting football season.  The Wildcats finished the season 8-5, which included a defeat of the defending SEC champion Georgia, the first win of the Wildcats over the Georgia Bulldogs in nine matchups.  The Wildcats triumphed in the Music City Bowl over Clemson University, and bounced back over a loss to South Carolina to defeat #1 ranked LSU in a triple overtime.  By 2007, the UK Wildcats were geared for a winning season, rolling over the Florida State Seminoles in the Music City Bowl, where the Wildcats have appeared more than any other SEC team.

Ashton Cobb helped take the University of Kentucky Wildcats to the Liberty Bowl in 2008, where his memorable team engineered a miraculous comeback from a 16-3 deficit at halftime to beat East Carolina 25-19. Assistant Coach Joker Phillips, who had played for the Wildcats as a wide receiver, was named head coach in 2010, and took Kentucky to the Compass Bowl in his first season.  Kentucky defeated Tennessee for the first time since 1984 during this time.  Cobb was proud to be part of the long winning tradition of the University of Kentucky Wildcats of Lexington, Kentucky in the United States, and worked with the team to achieve victories.

Friday, 29 April 2016

Ashton Cobb - What Reading Does to You

Ashton Cobb grew up in Aliquippa, Pennsylvania and received a full football scholarship to attend the University of Kentucky. His father was a preacher and encouraged him to read as often as he could, and this helped him score excellent grades in college. Here are some benefits of reading.

Ashton Cobb

Helps You Relax
Reading a book or a magazine is a great way to overcome stress and relax, according to a study conducted by the University of Sussex. The study showed that reading was more effective in reducing stress than listening to music, drinking a cup of coffee or tea, or taking a walk. According to a report, it took just six minutes for participants to relax once they started reading. It does not matter what book you read, as long as you get engrossed in what you are reading.

Stay Sharp
According to research published in the journal Neurology, reading can help keep your brain sharp when you become old. A study conducted with 294 participants who died at an average age of 84 showed that those who spent time reading earlier in life showed slower memory decline than those who did not read. Robert S. Wilson of the Rush University Medical Center in Chicago said, “Our study suggests that exercising your brain by taking part in activities such as these across a person's lifetime, from childhood through old age, is important for brain health in old age.”

Ashton Cobb attended the University of Kentucky on a football scholarship and attributes his good grades to his desire to read the course material including other reading material.

Friday, 22 April 2016

Ashton Cobb - Cooking Techniques You Need to Know

Ashton Cobb learned to cook watching his parents cook for his ten brothers and sisters. His parents were both good cooks and ensured that the eleven children always had delicious home-cooked meals. Here are some cooking techniques you can use at home.

Ashton Cobb Slow Roast

Slow roasting meat and vegetables in the oven is a great way to enjoy a delicious meal. But to ensure your meat and vegetables stay moist and juicy, you will need to cook it slowly, increasing the heat will make the food dry. Slow roast requires time, make sure you don’t rush the cooking process or you will end up ruining the dish.


Poaching is different from boiling and they are not the same. Poaching is an art that requires practice and skill. Poaching is cooking fish or chicken breast fillets in a pan with just a few bubbles around the pan. The broth slowly flavors the fish or meat as it cooks. Remember to add sufficient seasoning such as fresh herbs, spices, and chopped green onions to the dish.


There are a few things more delicious that a perfectly seared piece of meat or fish. To get a perfect sear, remove the meat from the refrigerator, at least, 30-minutes before you start cooking, and let it come to room temperature. Use a paper towel to pat dry the meat making sure there is no moisture on the meat. Preheat a pan and add oil or butter when the pan is hot and place the meat on the pan. Let it cook until it comes off easily from the pan. If it sticks to the pan, wait a minute and then flip it on the other side and cook it. When it has a crisp, golden brown texture, you know it’s a perfectly bit of seared meat.

Ashton Cobb enjoys cooking and inviting his friends over for dinner.

Saturday, 16 April 2016

Ashton Cobb - Common Hiking Mistakes You Want to Avoid

Ashton Cobb is a talented football player who has played starting strong safety for the Wildcats and the Boston Bashers. Apart from playing football, he likes to go hiking. He started hiking when he was in college and has made it one of his favorite things to do when he is not playing football. Ashton Cobb grew up in Aliquippa, Pennsylvania but moved to Lexington, Kentucky after he received a football scholarship to study at the University of Kentucky. If you are planning a hiking trip with your friends or family, here are some you want to avoid.

Ashton Cobb

Avoid these Common Mistakes

When you are going hiking, the first thing you need to know is how to avoid making the most common mistakes other make when they go hiking.
  • Choose the right trail. There are several different trails, all ranked on a scale of one to five, with five being the most difficult. If you have never gone hiking before, you obviously don’t want to choose a trail ranked number five. That would make your hiking trip a disaster even before it started. Most hiking trails rated number five are rock climbing trails, definitely not for beginners.
  • Over-packing and under-packing are both not recommended. If you are going out on a short afternoon hike, you want to make sure that you are not carrying 25 pounds of hiking equipment, and on the other hand, you don’t want to go empty handed as well. You will need to carry the essentials such as sunglasses, sunscreen, drinking fluids (water and energy drinks). Each person on your hiking team will need to have at least three to four liters of water for themselves. You might want to carry sufficient energy-packed snacks and have them along the way instead of eating a large lunch at the summit.
  • A good idea would be to carry a first aid kit with athletic tape, Band-Aid, antibiotic ointment and some bandage to clean wounds if necessary. Don’t make the mistake of not carrying a first aid kit.
  • It is recommended to carry a rain jacket when you go on a hike. Regardless of what the weather forecast might be for that day or afternoon, it is always good to carry a rain jacket as thunderstorms are common in mountainous areas.
  • If you are going to be out late in the evening, you will need to carry a flashlight or headlamp. In fact, every hiker in your group should pack their own flashlight when they go hiking.
  • Sometimes during a hike, you might come across rough terrain, and it is good to carry a hiking pole when you go hiking. Don’t think that you would look silly walking around with a hiking pole. It’s surprising how much weight a hiking pole can take off your ankles, knees, and hips especially when you are going downhill.
Ashton Cobb has been on several hiking trips with his college buddies.
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