Friday, 29 April 2016

Ashton Cobb - What Reading Does to You

Ashton Cobb grew up in Aliquippa, Pennsylvania and received a full football scholarship to attend the University of Kentucky. His father was a preacher and encouraged him to read as often as he could, and this helped him score excellent grades in college. Here are some benefits of reading.

Ashton Cobb

Helps You Relax
Reading a book or a magazine is a great way to overcome stress and relax, according to a study conducted by the University of Sussex. The study showed that reading was more effective in reducing stress than listening to music, drinking a cup of coffee or tea, or taking a walk. According to a report, it took just six minutes for participants to relax once they started reading. It does not matter what book you read, as long as you get engrossed in what you are reading.

Stay Sharp
According to research published in the journal Neurology, reading can help keep your brain sharp when you become old. A study conducted with 294 participants who died at an average age of 84 showed that those who spent time reading earlier in life showed slower memory decline than those who did not read. Robert S. Wilson of the Rush University Medical Center in Chicago said, “Our study suggests that exercising your brain by taking part in activities such as these across a person's lifetime, from childhood through old age, is important for brain health in old age.”

Ashton Cobb attended the University of Kentucky on a football scholarship and attributes his good grades to his desire to read the course material including other reading material.