Sunday, 26 June 2016

Ashton Cobb Joins Fighting Tradition of University of Kentucky Football

The University of Kentucky of Ashton Cobb has a long history of outstanding football teams.  Such a one was the NCAA co-champions of 1951, who defeated the #1 Oklahoma Sooners in the Sugar Bowl to take the 1950 National Football Championship.  This was during what is known as the Bear Bryant era, when Paul Bryant was head football coach at the University of Kentucky for eight seasons.  The Wildcats under Bryant’s direction won the 1947 Great Lakes Bowl, the 1951 Sugar Bowl and the 1952 Cotton Bowl Classic.   The Wildcats were #11 in 1949, #7 in 1950, #15 in 1951, #20 in 1952 and #16 in 1953. 

Ashton Cobb

  The University of Kentucky Wildcats football team defeated Penn State in 1977 at Penn State, ending the season ranked at #6.  The team which would later recruit and scholarship promising young Safety Ashton Cobb won the Peach Bowl in 1976, ending the season at #18, before finishing the 1977 season 10-1 and remaining undefeated in SEC play.  Coach Jerry Claiborne took the Wildcats to the 1983 Hall of Fame Bowl, and in 1984 the team returned to the Bowl, defeating Wisconsin with a season finish of 9-3 and earning a #19 rank for the season. The Wildcats returned to the Peach Bowl in 1993 under Coach Bill Curry, but would not post its next win over a top 10 team until 2007 when UK defeated #9 Louisville under Coach Rich Brooks.  2006 for the future Wildcats of Ashton Cobb was an exciting football season.  The Wildcats finished the season 8-5, which included a defeat of the defending SEC champion Georgia, the first win of the Wildcats over the Georgia Bulldogs in nine matchups.  The Wildcats triumphed in the Music City Bowl over Clemson University, and bounced back over a loss to South Carolina to defeat #1 ranked LSU in a triple overtime.  By 2007, the UK Wildcats were geared for a winning season, rolling over the Florida State Seminoles in the Music City Bowl, where the Wildcats have appeared more than any other SEC team.

Ashton Cobb helped take the University of Kentucky Wildcats to the Liberty Bowl in 2008, where his memorable team engineered a miraculous comeback from a 16-3 deficit at halftime to beat East Carolina 25-19. Assistant Coach Joker Phillips, who had played for the Wildcats as a wide receiver, was named head coach in 2010, and took Kentucky to the Compass Bowl in his first season.  Kentucky defeated Tennessee for the first time since 1984 during this time.  Cobb was proud to be part of the long winning tradition of the University of Kentucky Wildcats of Lexington, Kentucky in the United States, and worked with the team to achieve victories.