Thursday, 7 April 2016

Ashton Cobb - Five Important Football Training Drills

Ashton Cobb is a football player who has been playing football since he was in high school. He is the sixth child in a family of eleven children. His father was a deeply religious man who encouraged him to pursue his dreams and do the best he can. Ashton Cobb received a football scholarship to attend the University of Kentucky and played starting strong safety for the Wildcats. He is a highly committed team player and his team members value his presence on the field.

It is important for every football player to get into great shape because playing the sport demands that the players are in excellent physical shape. Stamina, Speed, agility, and strength are some of the qualities every footballer should have, and football training drills are meant to get players in shape for the game. Here are some important football training drills every player should follow.

Tire Run

Tire runs require players to sprint through tires placed in a zig-zag position on the field. This helps them develop endurance, strength, agility, and speed. Players will need to make sure they lift their knees up high enough after stepping out of each tire so that they don’t trip and fall. The player will have to repeat the process over and over again to build endurance.

Shuttle Runs

Shuttle runs are great for building the player's lower body muscles and helps in building his endurance and speed. The player will have to sprint ten yards and sprint back, then sprint 20 yards and back, increasing it by ten yards each time. Players will have to touch the yard line with both hands before sprinting back to the starting point.

Vertical Power Jumps

Vertical power jumps are ideal for building the leg muscles. Players will need to jump as high as they can repeatedly. They will need to stand upright, bend their knees and hips and propel themselves vertically into the air with all their force. They will need to repeat the jump ten to twenty times for a proper leg workout.

Box Jumps

Place a large stable box about two or three feet high in front of a player and have the player stand at the edge of the box (approximately eight inches away) and jump onto the edge of the box, stand upright and then jump back down. This fitness drill will help build muscle and strength, and is similar to the vertical power jump; however, with a small variation.

Ladder Drill

Draw a ladder pattern on the field with chalk powder and have your player stand at the bottom of the ladder. The player should step into the first square of the ladder with the left foot, and then with the right foot. Step on the outside of the second square with the left foot, and then with the right foot on the right side. Repeat this pattern for the entire length of the ladder, and then have them run back to the starting point. Have the players do this drill as quickly as possible to build up their coordination, speed, agility, and leg muscles.

Ashton Cobb likes to work on enhancing his football playing so that he can become a better player.