Thursday, 19 November 2015

Ashton Cobb - Who Are Athletes in Action?

Ashton Cobb has donated much of his time to Athletes in Action, which is a Christian organization that dedicates itself to creating a community for athletes to share in common goals while also aiming to create opportunities for those who wish to succeed on any level of a sport. Furthermore, the collective also aims to help young people by using sports as a platform to answer questions of faith and inform then about the importance of Christ.

Founded in 1966 by Dave Hannah, the organization currently has staff located at 150 colleges throughout the country. In addition to the message of faith, the group also aims to provide summer training opportunities for college athletes so that they can stay sharp during the off-season and thus ensure that they are ready and raring to go when the new season starts.

Ashton Cobb
Ashton Cobb

The development of character and leadership qualities are important skills that the group’s camps aim to teach. This focus is highlighted by the fact that Athletes in Action is a sponsor of the annual Super Bowl Breakfast, which features a presentation of a special award for the player who has best demonstrated these qualities on the field.

Ashton Cobb is a big believer in developing these core skills in order to be a successful team player on the football field. His affiliation with the group was borne from his strong Christian heritage and has continued both due to its dedication to spreading a message of faith and the help that it can provide to aspiring athletes who want to succeed at everything they do in life.