Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Ashton Cobb - Everything You Ought to Know About the Boston Brawlers

Ashton Cobb was the strong safety for the Boston Brawlers in 2014. It was their inaugural year as a professional football team. He worked hard with his team, and enjoyed playing as a strong safety. He honed his skills while he played for this team and enjoyed the season.

Ashton Cobb
Ashton Cobb

The Boston Brawlers are a Fall Experimental Football League (FXFL), which is a professional football minor league. This league began in 2014 and is hoping to become the developmental league for the National Football League (NFL). These league is currently active in New York State and is working on developing its league. The Boston Brawlers were based in Boston, Massachusetts during the inaugural year. They played out of the Harvard stadium and their main colors were red, midnight blue, and white. The Head Coach was Terry Shae and the Manager was Cory Bachman.

The Boston Brawlers had a roster of talented and dedicated players. Each player worked hard to be a team player, and each one kept their bodies fit and ready for game day. The Boston Brawlers played well during their first year, but will not be playing during the 2015 season due to funding issues. The Fall Experimental League and its charter teams, such as the Boston Brawlers, are the most recent attempt to create a successful minor league in football. With more time and funding, they may be successful.

Ashton Cobb enjoyed playing for the Boston Brawlers, and working on a great team. He looks forward to signing with a new team and working with other players.